The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Element; Elemental
Element; Elemental [Gk. stoicheíon, pl. tá stoicheía]. The Greek word occurs seven times in the NT: Gal. 4:3, 9; Col. 2:8, 20; He. 5:12; 2 Pet. 3:10, 12. The various translations given to the word by the AV, the RSV, and the NEB show the need for careful study to determine the precise meaning intended.
Dictionary of Paul and His Letters
Elements Spirits of the World
Elements/elemental spirits of the worldThe meaning or meanings Paul attached to ta stoicheia (tou kosmou) in the four instances in which he used it (Gal 4:3, 9; Col 2:8, 20; cf. Heb 5:12; 2 Pet 3:10, 12) has been a matter of exegetical debate. Interpreters have usually understood Paul’s usage to fall