Eleazar Wheelock
b. April 22, 1711 – d. April 24, 1779 • Pastor
The Jonathan Edwards Encyclopedia
Wheelock, Eleazar
Wheelock, Eleazar (1711–1779)A third-generation New Englander, graduating from Yale in 1733 with distinction in classics, he ministered at the Second Congregational Church of Lebanon (known as “the Crank”), Connecticut, from 1735 to 1770, during which time he forged a friendship with Jonathan Edwards.
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Wheelock, Eleazer
Wheelock, Eleazer (1711–1779)Congregational pastor; founder of Dartmouth CollegeBorn in Windham, Connecticut, Wheelock graduated from Yale University in 1733. After graduation he pastored a Congregationalist church in Lebanon, Connecticut, where he achieved success as a revivalist preacher during the