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The Lexham Bible Dictionary
El-Bethel (אֵל בֵּית־אֵל‎, el beith-el). Literally, “God of Bethel.” A name Jacob gave to the place where he built an altar to God (Gen 35:6–7).For further details, see the article: Bethel North of Jerusalem.
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
El-bethel. Name Jacob gave to the place at Luz (Bethel) where he built an altar after he returned from Haran with his family (Gn 35:7).See Bethel, Bethelite (City).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
El-Bethel el-bethʹəl [Heb. ʾēl bêṯ-ʾēl] (Gen. 35:7). Probably “God of Bethel” (RSV mg). Another possibility is that El-bethel is a divine title (“God Bethel”) like El Elyon, El Shaddai, El Olam, and El Roi (see God, Names of II.B.5). This possibility is supported by the use of the term as a title
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
EL-BETHEL Name Jacob gave to the place at Luz (Bethel) where he built an altar after he returned from Haran with his family (Gn 35:7). See Bethel (Place), Bethelite.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
EL-BETHEL (“God of Bethel”). The name given by Jacob to the scene of his vision of the ladder at Luz (cf. Gen 28:10–15) as he returned to Canaan (Gen 35:7). See Bethel.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
El-Bethel (Heb. ʾēl bêṯ-ʾēl)The name given by Jacob to an altar he built at Bethel (Gen. 35:7). Here it occurs as an alternative name for Bethel, where God twice appeared to Jacob: after his dream of the ladder or staircase (Gen. 28:12–15) and upon his return from Paddan-aram (35:9–15), each time
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
El-Bethel [ĕl bĕthˊəl] (Heb. ˒ēl bêṯ-˒ēl† A name given by Jacob to an altar he had erected at Bethel (Gen. 35:7), probably meaning “God of Bethel” (so RSV mg., KJV mg., NIV mg.), i.e., Yahweh, who had appeared to him as he fled from his brother Esau (28:10–22). Although less likely,
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
El-beth´el (the God of Bethel), the name which Jacob is said to have bestowed on the place at which God appeared to him when he was flying from Esau. Gen. 35:7.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
EL-BETH´EL (the “God of Bethel”). The name given by Jacob to the altar that he erected at Bethel on his return from Laban (Gen. 35:7). It was built in memory of God’s appearance to him in the vision of the “ladder” (cf. 28:12–22).
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
El-BethelGod of Bethel, the name of the place where Jacob had the vision of the ladder, and where he erected an altar (Gen. 31:13; 35:7).
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
El Bethel
El BethelEl Bethel, probably a deity. Among the many El epithets in the ot, El Bethel occurs twice (Gen. 31:13; 35:7). These Hebrew phrases may be understood as either ‘the El [i.e., god] Bethel’ or ‘the El [i.e., god] of Bethel.’ Jer. 48:13 and Amos 5:4–6 seem to indicate the existence of a god named
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
EL-BETH-EL<el-beth’-el> ([אֵל בֵּית־אֵל‎, el beth-’el], “God of Bethel”; [Βαιθήλ, Baithel]): By this name Jacob called the scene of his vision at Luz, when he returned from Paddan-aram (Genesis 35:7).