Edward John Carnell
b. June 28, 1919 – d. April 25, 1967 • Apologist • Author • Baptist • Theologian
Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics
Carnell, Edward John
Carnell, Edward John. Edward John Carnell (1919–1967) was a pioneer apologist of the evangelical renaissance after World War II. A founding faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary in 1948, he served as president from 1955–1959. He suffered from depression and life-long insomnia which occasioned
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Carnell, Edward J.
Carnell, Edward J. (1919–83). Conservative Protestant theologian who, while defending traditional theology, tried to distance himself from some of its most extreme positions. He completed two doctorates, one in Harvard with a specialization in the thought of Reinhold ⇒Niebuhr, and another in Boston centered
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Carnell, Edward John (1919–67)
CARNELL, EDWARD JOHN (1919–67)An American evangelical apologist, theologian and president of Fuller Theological Seminary (1954–9), Carnell was a major figure in the mid-twentieth-century development of an intelligent and articulate exposition of *evangelicalism in the USA. He was the author of books
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Carnell, Edward John
Carnell, Edward John (1919–1967)American evangelical theologianCarnell was born at Antigo, Wisconsin, studied at Wheaton College and Westminster Theological Seminary, and did doctoral work at Harvard and Boston. He taught first at Gordon College and Seminary (1945–1948), then moved to Fuller Theological
Handbook of Evangelical Theologians
Edward John Carnell
Edward John CarnellGordon R. LewisDestined to become one of the leaders in the rise of evangelicalism in the twentieth century, Edward John Carnell was born in 1919 in Antigo, Wisconsin.1 He was the son of a Baptist pastor who had come to the United States from England and studied two years at