Edward Irving
b. August 4, 1792 – d. December 7, 1834 • Pentecostal • Presbyterian
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Irving, Edward
Irving, Edward (1792–1834), Scottish minister associated with the origins of the ‘*Catholic Apostolic Church’ (q.v.). He was a native of Annan, Dumfriesshire, and educated at Edinburgh University. He was appointed master of a school at Haddington in 1810 and at Kirkcaldy in 1812. Having been licensed
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Irving, Edward
Irving, Edward (1792–1834)Controversial Scottish Minister. After years of school teaching and an assistantship under Thomas Chalmers in Glasgow, Irving won massive acclaim as a preacher in the Caledonian Chapel, London. The crowds required a new sanctuary building and included many persons of social
The Dictionary of Historical Theology
Irving, Edward (1792–1834)
Irving, Edward (1792–1834)Born in Annan, south-west Scotland, educated at the University of Edinburgh in divinity and then a school teacher at Haddington and Kirkcaldy. Whilst at Kirkcaldy Irving struck up a close friendship with Thomas Carlyle that was to continue, in different ways, through to living’s
The Thiselton Companion to Christian Theology
Irving, Edward
Irving, EdwardEdward Irving (1792–1834) is associated with the origins of the Catholic Apostolic Church, together with Henry Drummond. Irving was born in southwest Scotland and educated in the University of Edinburgh. In 1819 he ministered in Glasgow, and in 1822 moved to London. But he reacted strongly
Dictionary of Theological Terms
Catholic Apostolic Church
Catholic Apostolic ChurchThe London church of which Rev. Edward Irving (1792–1834) was pastor. It gained national attention first through Irving’s outstanding pulpit gifts and then as a centre of a Pentecostal-type revival. Irving taught that the church is forever entitled to all the spiritual gifts
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Irving, Edward (1792–1834)
IRVING, EDWARD (1792–1834)Born and brought up in the small town of Annan in southern Scotland, Irving never lost a sense of the importance of close-knit communities founded on shared values. He studied at Edinburgh University, and was licensed to preach in 1815 by the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy, where
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Irving, Edward
Irving, Edward (1792–1834)Scottish Presbyterian PentecostalistBorn in Annan (Scotland), Irving was educated at the University of Edinburgh. He then worked as a schoolmaster, learning foreign languages while waiting for ordination. In 1819 he became Thomas Chalmers’s assistant at St. John’s Church,