Edward Herbert
b. March 3, 1583 – d. August 20, 1648 • Historian • Philosopher • Religious group founder
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Herbert, Edward
Herbert, Edward (1582–1648), first Lord Herbert of Cherbury; philosopher, deist, and poet. He was appointed ambassador at Paris in 1619, after a youth spent in study, much travel, and many duels. In 1624 he published at Paris his famous philosophical treatise, De Veritate prout distinguitur a revelatione,
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Herbert of Cherbury (c. 1583–1648)
HERBERT OF CHERBURY (c. 1583–1648)Edward, first Baron of Cherbury, brother of the poet, George, made his reputation as a philosopher, historian, diplomat and adventurer. He has been styled ‘the father of *deism’ but his system differs significantly from much later deist thought, and the extent of his
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Herbert, Edward
Herbert, Edward (1582–1648)British historian and philosopherLord Herbert of Cherbury was the brother of the poet George Herbert and a follower of John Donne. He is known as the father of English deism.Dismissing any claim to an infallible church, an authorative priesthood, or a special revelation,