Edom (Person)
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EDOM [EE dum] (red) — the name of a person and a region (see Map 2, C–1) in the Old Testament:1. An alternate name for Esau, who traded his Birthright to his brother Jacob for a meal, which consisted of a red stew (Gen. 25:29–34).2. The land inhabited by the descendants of Edom, or Esau (Gen. 32:3;
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Edom [Ee-duhm](Hebrew origin: Red)(Genesis 25:30). This is an alternative name for Esau, Jacob’s twin brother. He was thus called because he was born red and hairy.His descendants, the Edomites, lived in a region situated between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqabah. The Edomite nation was very often
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Edom, Edomites
EDOM, EDOMITESAccording to the Bible, Edom and its inhabitants were closely related to the Israelites genealogically, territorially and religiously. However, for the most part, the biblical writers depict the Edomites as enemies of the Israelites. On the basis of extrabiblical texts, it is apparent
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Edom [ē-dum] (אדום, “Red” or “Ruddy”): alternative name for Esau (Gen. 25:30)