Eden (priest)
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Eden, Son of Joah
Eden, Son of Joah (עֵדֶן‎, eden). A Levite during the reign of Hezekiah who helped with the cleansing of the temple (2 Chr 29:12; 31:15).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Eden (Person)
EDEN (PERSON) [Heb ʿēden (עֵדֶן)]. Son of Joah, and a Levite of the Gershonnite family, participated in the cleansing of the Temple during the first year of Hezekiah, king of Judah, taking about nine days (2 Chr 29:12). A person with the same name also assisted in the distribution of Temple funds in
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Eden ēʹdən [Heb. ʿēḏen] (2 Ch. 29:12; 31:15).A Levite who participated in Hezekiah’s reform. It is not certain whether both passages refer to the same man or if there were two Levites by this name.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
EDEN. (“plain” or “delight.”).1. “And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden” (Gen 2:8). Neither size nor boundaries of the garden are given. Adam, the first man, was put there to till and keep it. Eve was given to him as a helpmeet. Many fine trees were there: “The tree of life also in the
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
EDEN. 1. The name of the Levite(s) who shared in Hezekiah’s reforms (2 Ch. 29:12; 31:15).2. A place that traded with Tyre, associated with Harran and Canneh (Ezk. 27:23). This Eden and its people are identical with the Beth-eden (House of Eden) of Am. 1:5 and the ‘children’ of Eden of Ki. 19:12; Is.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Eden (Heb. ʿēḏen) (PERSON)The son of Joah; a Gershonite Levite who ministered during the reign of King Hezekiah (2 Chr. 29:12). He may be the person mentioned at 2 Chr. 31:15 who assisted in the distribution of the freewill offering.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Eden (Person)
EDEN [ēˊdən] (Heb. ˓ēḏen “delight”) (PERSON). The son of Joah, and one of the Levites who ministered during the reign of King Hezekiah (2 Chr. 29:12); he may be the same as the person mentioned at 31:5 who assisted in the distribution of the freewill offering.
Catholic Bible Dictionary
EDEN The son of Joah and a Levite of the Gershonite family. He took part in the cleansing of the Temple during the first year of the reign of King Hezekiah (2 Chr 29:12). It is possible that he is to be identified with the person of the same name who helped distribute Temple funds among Levitical towns
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
E´den1. A Gershonite Levite, son of Joah, in the days of Hezekiah. 2 Chron. 29:12. (b.c. 727.)2. Also a Levite, probably identical with the preceding. 2 Chron. 31:15.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
E´DEN (ēʹden; “delight,” “pleasantness”).1. Garden of. Biblical notices locate the spot where the temptation and the Fall occurred somewhere in the Tigris-Euphrates valley, evidently in the easternmost third of the Fertile Crescent. “Now a river flowed out of Eden to water the garden; and from there
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Edendelight. (1.) The garden in which our first parents dwelt (Gen. 2:8–17). No geographical question has been so much discussed as that bearing on its site. It has been placed in Armenia, in the region west of the Caspian Sea, in Media, near Damascus, in Palestine, in Southern Arabia, and in Babylonia.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
EDEN [EE den] (delight) — the name of a garden, a man, and a region in the Old Testament:1. The first home of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman. The concept “Garden of Delight” fits perfectly the setting of Genesis 2–3, a place of God’s blessing and prosperity.Suggestions offered as to the location
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