Ebenezer Erskine
b. June 22, 1680 – d. June 2, 1754 • Religious group founder
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Erskine, Ebenezer
Erskine, Ebenezer (1680–1754), leader of the most important 18th-cent. secession from the Church of *Scotland (those who seceded are sometimes referred to as the ‘Secession Church’). Minister at Portmoak from 1703 and at Stirling from 1731, he was fervently loyal to the Reformed and Covenanting tradition,
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Erskine, Ebenezer
Erskine, Ebenezer (1680–1754)Leader of a “secession” from the Church of Scotland (1733–40) which became a vigorous church movement. After ordination (1703), Erskine awoke to a lively faith in Christ and became a strong preacher and diligent pastor. His views of the Lordship of Christ, the “open offer
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Erskine, Ebenezer
Erskine, Ebenezer (1680–1754)Founder of the Secession Church in ScotlandBorn in Dryburgh, Berwickshire, Ebenezer Erskine studied at Edinburgh University and served as chaplain and tutor to the family of the Earl of Rothes in Fife. In 1703 he was called to the parish of Portmoak in Kinross-shire. Due