Eating a meal
The activity of eating a meal with another or others. Meals in ancient times were significant and often concluded or solidified agreements between people.
Key passages
Tob 2:1–2

When I returned to my house and when Hannah my wife was restored to me with Tobias my son on the feast of Pentecost, (which is the holy Feast of Seven Weeks), there was a good dinner prepared for me, and I reclined to eat. And I saw a numerous variety of dishes and said to my son, “Go and …

Tob 2:5–6

And after I returned, I washed myself and ate my food in sorrow. Then I remembered the prophecy of Amos just as he said, “Your feasts will be turned into mourning and all your merriment into lamentation.”

Tob 7:9–11

Then they killed a ram from the flock and set out much food. And Tobias said to Raphael, “Brother Azariah, speak concerning the things that you talked about on the journey, and let the matter be settled.” So he shared the matter with Raguel, and Raguel said to Tobias, “Eat, …

Tob 9:6

Together they rose up early and went to the wedding feast. And Tobias blessed his wife.

Jdt 12:9

Then entering clean, she would remain in the tent until which time she would take her food toward evening.