Earnest of the Spirit
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Earnest (Of the Spirit)
EARNEST (OF THE SPIRIT). “Earnest” is from the Gr. arrabōn, “surety,” “pledge,” a Semitic loan-word (cf. Heb. ˓ērābôn, (Gen 38:17, 18, 20). It is a down payment given as a pledge or deposit that one will finally pay the full amount of the purchase price. The term “earnest money” is used today in
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
EARNEST Sincerity and intensity of purpose or a deposit paid to secure a purchase. “Earnest” does not relate directly to any Hebrew or Greek word, but represents the attempts of translators to relay the sense of several grammatical constructions and words. For instance, KJV uses “earnest” or “earnestly”