Dumah in Arabia
Adummatu • Dumah • Dumah (an oasis)
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Dumah (Place)
DUMAH (PLACE) [Heb dûmâ (דּוּמָה)]. The Hebrew word appears twice in Psalms (94:17; 115:17) as a designation for the netherworld. Some infer that the word in this context means the “silence of the grave”—a metaphor for Sheol. Dahood (Psalms II AB, 349–50), however, prefers to identify Dumah with the
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Dumah (Place)
Dumah (Heb. dûmâ) (PLACE)1. A city in the hill country of Judah (Josh. 15:52), identified with modern Khirbet ed-Deir Dômeh (148093), ca. 10 km. (6.5 mi.) SW of Hebron.2. A prosperous district and oasis in north central Arabia, Dumat al-Jandal (modern al-Jawf) in the Wadi Sirḥan along the major