Any person who is habitually drunk.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Drunk, Drunkard
DRUNK, DRUNKARD (Heb. some form of shākăr, to be “tipsy”; Gk. metheuō). Noah, who was probably ignorant of the fiery nature of wine, affords us the first instance of intoxication (Gen. 9:21). That the excessive use of strong drink was not uncommon among the Jews may be inferred from the striking figures
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
DrunkardJudging from the vividness of the Bible’s pictures of the drunkard, this character type elicited special moral disgust from the writers of the Bible. The denunciations of the drunkard in the Bible (Prov 23:20, 31) already establish the moral essence of the drunkard as a type to be avoided. Drunkenness