Douay Version
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Douay Version
Douay Version An English-language translation of the Bible produced for the Roman Catholic Church during the Counter-Reformation. Also known as the Douay-Rheims Version.
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Douay Version
DOUAY VERSION. The Rheims New Testament, translated from the Vulgate by Gregory Martin and supervised by both William Allen and Richard Bristow beginning in October 1578, was finished in March 1582. The translators were Roman Catholic refugees from the persecutions of Elizabethan England whose Catholic
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Douay Bible
douay bible. A name commonly given to the translation of the Holy Scriptures current among English-speaking Catholics. The name is misleading, for, as we shall presently see, the Bible was not translated into English at Douay, and only a part of it was published there, while the version now in use has
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
2. The Roman Catholic Rheims/Douay Version 1582/1610
2. The Roman Catholic Rheims/Douay Version 1582/1610The Roman Catholics resented the publication of the vast number of English versions. First, through persecution when in power, and then, when out of power, they met the challenge of printed Bibles with silence. The success of the Geneva Bible among
VERSION, DOUAY doo´ay. The original Douay Version, also called the Rheims-Douay Version, was the basis for nearly all English Catholic versions of the Bible and was produced in reaction to 16th-cent. Protestant versions. The work began in 1568 at the English College at Douay, in Flanders, then moved