Doctrinal Development
Development, Doctrinal, Development Doctrinal
Global Dictionary of Theology: A Resource for the Worldwide Church
1. Historical Development
1. Historical DevelopmentCeltic peoples can be traced to central Eastern Europe around 1200 bc, and later to Western Europe and as far north as Ireland by about 100 bc. Today the Celts “are recognized as the ‘European Aborigines,’ already on the land with their own developed culture prior to being conquered,
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Development of Doctrine
DEVELOPMENT OF DOCTRINEWe possess, on the one hand, the Bible as a collection of books written over many centuries, and, on the other, a continually increasing number of doctrinal statements produced by individuals and groups over the centuries (see *Confessions and *Creeds). Development of doctrine
Doctrinal Criticism
DOCTRINAL CRITICISMDoctrinal criticism is the appraisal of the truth and adequacy of doctrinal statements. The term owes its currency in British theology to a programmatic essay by G. F. Woods (1907–66), setting out the task of the doctrinal critic as that of subjecting doctrinal statements to the same