Doctrina Addaei
Doctrine of Addai
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Addai, Doctrine of
Addai, Doctrine of. A Syriac writing which describes how King *Abgar (q.v.) was brought into contact with Christ and *Addai was sent to *Edessa to convert him. It is preserved in toto only in a single St Petersburg MS and in an early Armenian version. In its present form it dates from the early
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
Doctrina Addaei
Doctrina Addaei. The Doctrine of Addai, a Syriac account of the origins of Christianity in Edessa, related to the Abgar legend recorded by Eusebius (see also Thaddaeus, Acts of). Messengers sent by Abgar to the governor of Syria report the deeds of Jesus on their return. Abgar sends a letter, to which