Divine assistance in battle
Concepts of a god assisting in or even determining the outcome of a battle by fighting for one side or another.
Key passages
Jdt 6:2

“And who are you, Achior, also with the descendants of Moab and the hirelings of Ephraim, that you prophesy among us today and say not to make war with the nation of Israel because their God will protect them? And who is god except Nebuchadnezzar? He will send his forces and will destroy them …

Sir 46:5–6

He called on the Most High sovereign when enemies oppressed him all around; and the great Lord listened to them with hailstones of mighty power. He made a war fall upon the nations, and on the descent he destroyed those who opposed him so that the nations might know their armor, because his …

Sir 46:16–18

And he called on the sovereign Lord when his enemies oppressed all around, with an offering of a baby lamb. And the Lord thundered from the sky, and he made his voice heard with a great sound. And he rubbed out the leaders of the Tyrians and all the rulers of Philistines.

1 Mac 4:10–11

And now we must cry out to heaven, if he will have us, and remember the covenant of the ancestors and destroy this army before our face today. And all the nations will know that there is a redeemer and deliverer for Israel.”

2 Mac 15:6–9

And Nicanor, showing off with all steadfastness, decided to make a public way from those with Judas. Maccabeus, on the other hand, was fully trusting, with all hope, to obtain help from the Lord. And he exhorted those with him not to fear the approach of the Gentiles, …