Divine Office
Liturgy of the Hours
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Office, Divine
Office, Divine (Officium Divinum). The daily public prayer of the Church, also called in the RC Church since the Second *Vatican Council the ‘Liturgy of the Hours’. Its recitation at stated times differentiates it from other liturgical services.The Divine Office developed slowly and it is only in
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Office (the Divine) is the name popularly given to the canonical hours prescribed to be read each day by the bishops, priests, deacons, and subdeacons of the Catholic Church. See Breviary.
Pocket Dictionary of Liturgy & Worship
Daily Office
Daily Office. Also known as the Divine Office or the Liturgy of theHours (RC), a most important form of Christian liturgical worship, fulfilling the exhortation to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess 5:17; cf. Acts 6:4; Eph 6:18). Precedence for regulated daily *prayer is found in the OT (Ps 5:3; 141:2;