Discourse analysis
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Discourse Analysis
Discourse Analysis The study of language as it is used in actual communication, or the study of specific linguistic devices used to create a discourse.
Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
Structuralism and Discourse Analysis
Structuralism and Discourse AnalysisThe field of NT studies is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary. As scholars bring the insights of other disciplines to bear on the interpretation of the NT, they are recognizing the inadequacies of the historical-critical method. Two disciplines recently brought
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Discourses on Various Important Subjects
Discourses on Various Important Subjects (1738)This is a collection of sermons and lectures, also known as the Five Discourses, mostly from the Northampton awakening of 1734–1735, intended to address “the Soul’s Eternal Salvation,” as the fully published title indicates. Edwards published these five
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Discourse Analysis
Discourse Analysis Discourse analysis (sometimes referred to as textlinguistics) refers to any of various means of examining discourse using a range of linguistic tools. Such analysis usually involves study of language elements at or above the level of the clause or sentence and often focuses upon the