Didascalia Apostolorum
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Didascalia Apostolorum
Didascalia Apostolorum. An early ‘Church Order’, professedly ‘the Catholic Teaching of the Twelve Apostles and holy Disciples of our Redeemer’ (Syriac title). Its author, prob. a physician who had been converted from Judaism, seems to have composed it in N. Syria in the earlier half of the 3rd cent.
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Didascalia Apostolorum
Didascalia Apostolorum. Meaning “Teaching of the Apostles,” an early Christian *order (c. first half of third century, *Syria), originally written in Greek but mainly surviving in Syriac and Latin. It was influenced by the *Didache.
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Didascalia Apostolorum
Didascalia apostolorum. A Christian writing dealing with matters of church order, probably composed in Syria in the early 3rd cent. Originally written in Greek, it has survived in a Syriac translation and partially in Latin. Much of the work was incorporated into the first part of the Apostolic Constitutions
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DIDASCALIA APOSTOLORUM. Extant in its entirety in Syriac, Arabic and Ethiopic, partially in Latin, and in a few Greek fragments, this church order deals principally with the episcopate and with the duties of the bishop. It has been suggested that the overall purpose of the Didascalia is to impose episcopacy