The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Jewish-Christian Dialogues
Jewish-Christian Dialogues A genre of Christian writing that first appeared in the second century ad. Jewish-Christian dialogues claim to be accounts of actual historical events (e.g., debates).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
DIALOGUE. A literary form used since antiquity, in which two or more characters are represented as conversing or reasoning about some topic.A. Greek SourcesB. Latin SourcesC. Old TestamentD. New TestamentE. Greek Christian LiteratureF. Latin Christian LiteratureG. Hermetic and Gnostic Literature
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
DIALOGUE. The literary genre of dialogue, very common in classical literature, also enjoyed a certain success with the Christian authors of the first centuries. The origins of Christian dialogue are not completely clear. It probably took shape from the meeting of earlier subliterary forms of expression
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
DIALOGUE. A conversation between two or more characters. As a literary means to achieve more drama, dialogue can be made to carry the main part of the story (Gen 23:4–15; Prov 7:14–20) and bring out a character’s real disposition (e.g., Ahab in 1 Kgs 22). Through dialogue an argument can be skillfully