Departure • Take Away
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Depart [Heb. hālaḵ] (Ps. 39:13 [MT 14], NEB “go away”; Isa. 38:10, AV “cutting off my days”; NEB “pass away”); DEPARTURE [Gk. éxodus] (Lk. 9:31; 2 Pet. 1:15 AV “decease”; NEB “be gone”; cf. Wisd. 3:2; 7:6); [análysis] (2 Tim. 4:6); [áphixis] (Acts 20:29). Euphemistic expressions for death, indicating
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Exeat (Lat. let him depart).—It means the permission in writing which a bishop gives to an ecclesiastic, to leave his diocese, to go and exercise his priestly functions in some other diocese. Priests in the United States cannot obtain their exeat unless they are to be received into another diocese, or
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Take Away
Take awayHebrew expression: surPronunciation: SOORStrong’s Number: 5493Key Verses2 Samuel 7:15; 1 Kings 15:13–14Through the prophet Nathan, God assured David that His lovingkindness would never be “taken away” from him and his descendants (2 Sam. 7:15). David’s dynasty would last forever. With