Den of Lions
Lions’ Den
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Den of Lions
DEN OF LIONS. The account of Daniel in the den of lions (Dan 6:7, 12, 16–24) rings true with the Persian background of this chapter. The Persian rulers, being Zoroastrians, held fire to be sacred, so that for them it would have been improper to execute by fire (cf. Dan 3). Kings of the 1st mil. b.c.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Den of Lions
DEN OF LIONS — the lair (Job 38:40), thicket (Ps. 10:9), or cave (Nah. 2:12) where lions live. The most famous den of lions in the Bible is that into which Daniel was thrown (Daniel 6). This apparently was a deep cavern, either natural or artificial, sealed with a large stone (Dan. 6:17). The kings of
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Den of Lions
DEN OF LIONS Place where lions live, at times a thicket (Jer. 50:44) or cave (Nah. 2:12). See Lion.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
Den, Lions'
den, lions’. A phrase used various times in Dan. 6:7–24. The Aramaic word used here, gōb H10129, refers to a trenched out “pit.” The Babylonians and Assyrians kept lions captured in the marshlands as beasts for hunting and as pets. They are shown in the magnificent reliefs of the Neo-Assyrian rulers
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
DEN OF LIONS [גֹּב אַרְיוָתָאgov ʾaryawathaʾ]. Various biblical texts mention that animals, especially lions, have dens (most often variations of the Hebrew maʿon [מָעוֹן]; e.g., Job 38:40; Ps 104:22; Song 4:8; Amos 3:4), but this Aramaic phrase appears in Daniel 6, where the Persian king DARIUS reluctantly
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