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Deed [Heb. sēp̱er—‘book’] (Jer. 32:10ff); AV EVIDENCE. In the account of Jeremiah’s purchase of a field at Anathoth from his cousin Hanamel, the transaction is described in detail. A deed of purchase was signed by Jeremiah and by witnesses. A sealed copy, and also an unsealed copy for reference, were
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DEED<ded>: Used in its ordinary modern sense in EV. In the Old Testament it is used to translates five Hebrew words: gemylah, literally, “recompense” (Isaiah 59:18); dabhar, literally, “word,” “thing” (2 Chronicles 35:27 the King James Version, the Revised Version (British and American) “acts”;
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DEED, dēd: Used in its ordinary modern sense in EV. In the OT it is used to tr five Heb words: gemūlāh, lit. “recompense” (Isa 59:18); dābhār, lit. “word,” “thing” (2 Ch 35:27 AV, RV “acts”; Est 1:17, 18; Jer 5:28); ma‛ăseh (Gen 20:9; 44:15; Ezr 9:13); ‛ălīlāh (1 Ch 16:8 AV, RV “doings”; Ps 105:1
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