David Martyn Lloyd-Jones
b. December 20, 1899 – d. March 1, 1981 • Author • Doctor • Pastor • Protestant • Reformed
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Lloyd–Jones, David Martyn
Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn (1899–1981)Having come to an explicit Christian commitment in the midst of a short but distinguished career in medicine, Lloyd-Jones assumed the lay pastorate of the Bethlehem Forward Movement Mission (Presbyterian in origin) in a slum of Sandfields, Aberavon, Wales (1927),
Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition
Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn
Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn (1899–1981). Welsh preacher, writer and medical doctor. After medical studies and several years as a successful physician, Lloyd-Jones became the pastor of a small Welsh church and later was called to London to serve, along with G. Campbell Morgan, at Westminster Chapel. After
New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic
Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn (1899–1981)
LLOYD-JONES, DAVID MARTYN (1899–1981)Although born in Wales, Lloyd-Jones completed his education at Marylebone Grammar School and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. A distinguished career as a physician lay before him when, after severe inner struggle, he committed himself to the Christian ministry
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Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn
Lloyd-Jones, David Martyn (1899–1981)Welsh preacher and writerBorn in Newcastle Emlyn, Lloyd-Jones was brought up in Calvinistic Methodism and trained in medicine at London, where his brilliance was soon acknowledged. Suddenly he changed direction and entered the ministry, convinced that many of his