David Brainerd
b. April 20, 1718 – d. October 9, 1747 • Missionary
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Brainerd, David
Brainerd, David (1718–1747)Presbyterian missionary to native American Delaware, Iroquois, Seneca, and Tutela tribes in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Brainerd is known for his journal, spiritual diary, and autobiography edited by his mentor, Jonathan Edwards. Born in Connecticut,
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Brainerd, David
Brainerd, David (1718–1747). Brainerd served as a Presbyterian missionary during the *Great Awakening in America. He is best known for the remarkable journal of his evangelistic mission to the Native Americans of the middle colonies in 1745–1746. Orphaned at the age of fourteen, he nevertheless was able
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Brainerd, David
Brainerd, David (1718–1747)Born on April 20, 1718, into one of the founding families of Haddam, Connecticut, Brainerd experienced an evangelical conversion in July 1739, then attended Yale for two years before he was expelled in November 1741 for breaking a college rule: he privately commented to a
Life of David Brainerd, The
Life of David Brainerd, The (1749)Upon the death of missionary David Brainerd at his home in Northampton in 1748, Edwards put aside his work critiquing Arminianism to write an account of his young friend’s life. Edwards collected materials, including the missionary’s published account, Mirabilia Dei
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Brainerd, David
Brainerd, David (1718–1747)Pioneer American missionary to the American IndiansBorn at Haddam, Connecticut, Brainerd was converted in 1739 and later that year entered Yale College to prepare for the ministry. Because he had made critical remarks concerning a college tutor and had attended a revival