Dainty Food
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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Dainties; Dainty Food
Dainties; Dainty Food [Heb. ma‘aḏān] (Gen. 49:20; Lam. 4:5); AV also “[feed] delicately”; NEB DISHES, “[fed] delicately”; [man‘ammîm] (Ps. 141:4); NEB DELIGHTS; [ta’a] (Job 33:20); AV DAINTY FOOD; NEB CHOICEST MEATS; [Gk. liparós] (Rev. 18:14); NEB GLITTER. The items referred to in Scripture
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
DAINTIES; DAINTY (MEATS)<dan’-tis> ([מַטְעַמּוֹת‎, maT̀ammoth], “things full of taste,” [מַנְעַמּים‎, maǹammim], [מַעֲדָן‎, màadhan]; [λιπαρός, liparos], “fat,” “shining”): Jacob is represented as predicting of Asher, “He shall yield royal dainties” (Genesis 49:20; compare parallel clause,
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 2, D–G
dainty. This English term (either in the pl. “dainties” or in the phrase “dainty meats”) is used a few times by the KJV and other versions to render several words or expressions, such as Hebrew maṭʿām H4761 (Prov. 23:3, 6; NIV, “delicacies” [this Heb. word occurs also several times in Gen. 27:4–31])
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Dainties, Dainty (Meats)
DAINTIES, dānʹtis, DAINTY (MEATS) (מַטְעַמּו̇ת‎, maṭʽammōth, “things full of taste,” מַנְעַמִּים‎, manʽammīm, מַעֲדָן‎, maʽădhān; λιπαρός, liparós, “fat,” “shining”): Jacob is represented as predicting of Asher, “He shall yield royal d.” (Gen 49:20; cf ║ clause, “His bread shall be fat,” and Dt 33:24,
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