Cyril Lucaris
b. November 13, 1572 – d. June 27, 1638 • Church Reformer • Orthodox Patriarch
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Lucar, Cyril
Lucar, Cyril (1570–1638), Patriarch of *Constantinople. He was a Cretan by birth. After studying at *Venice and Padua, where he came into contact with Latin thought, he became *syncellus to Meletios Pegas, Patr. of *Alexandria, whom he succeeded in 1601. His presence at the Synod of *Brest-Litovsk
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Cyrillus Lucaris
Cyrillus Lucaris.—A native of Candia (ancient Crete). Died in 1638. Patriarch of Alexandria, then of Constantinople. He taught Protestant doctrines in the Greek Church, was deposed from the patriarchate and banished to the island of Rhodes. Recalled a few years afterwards, he published Catechisms and
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Lucar, Cyril
Lucar, Cyril (1572–1638)Patriarch of ConstantinopleLucar is best known in Christian history as the Eastern patriarch who became influenced by Calvinism and attempted to reform the Orthodox Church along Calvinistic lines.He was born in Crete and studied at Venice and Padua, where he came into contact