Cylinder Seal
Cylinder Seals
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Cylinder Seals
CYLINDER SEALS* Inscribed stone cylinders used for identification of ownership, developed by the ancient Sumerians but used primarily by other Mesopotamian peoples between about 3200 bc and the fourth century bc. Occasionally, cylinder seals were used in adjacent regions such as Asia Minor (the Hittite
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Cylinder Seals
Cylinder seal made of goethite (Old Babylonian, c. 1800 b.c.). A standing goddess faces a seated god who rests his feet on a dragon, while a king carrying an animal offering approaches a god who stands on two human-headed bulls. The cuneiform text identifies the owner as a servant of the Mesopotamian
The Dictionary of the Bible and Ancient Media
Cylinder Seals
Cylinder Seals Cylinder seals represent an ancient technology of mark-making whereby a spool-shaped object is rolled across a pliable surface, usually clay, in order to leave an impression (or sealing). As visual media, cylinder seals and sealings communicate systems of accountancy, regulation, protection,
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