The outpouring of tears from the eyes of people, most typically when sad or distraught.
Key passages
Tob 5:18–19

And Hannah his mother cried and said to Tobit, “Why have you sent away our child? Is he not the staff of our hand in his going in and going out before us? Let not money overtake money, but may it be an off-scouring in comparison to our child!

Tob 7:6–8

Then Raguel jumped up and kissed him and cried and blessed him. Then he said to him, “You are the son of a noble and good man!” And when he heard that Tobit lost his own eyes, he grieved and cried. Also Adnah his wife and Sarah his daughter cried, and they welcomed them warmly.

Tob 10:4–5

And his wife said to him, “The child has perished; that is why he has delayed.” Then she began to mourn for him and said, “Does it not concern me, child, that I sent you, the light of my eyes, away?”

Jdt 7:29

Then there happened a great weeping in the midst of the assembly, and everyone with one accord cried aloud to the Lord God with a great voice.

Jdt 14:19

And when the commanders of the army of Assyria heard the words, they tore their garments, and their soul was exceedingly troubled. And there came from among them shouting and an extremely loud cry in the midst of the camp.