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Jesus, Parables of
Jesus, Parables of Instructive stories told by Jesus that contain symbolic significance.
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Parables of Jesus
PARABLES OF JESUS. For an introductory statement on the parables of Jesus see Parable. An attempt is made here to list, classify, and provide some guide to interpretation of those parables. Scholars vary widely in the number of parables they discover in the Gospels. Their lists range from about 30 to
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The Parables of Jesus
The Parables of JesusThe Sower (Matt 13:1–9; Mark 4:1–9; Luke 8:4–8)The Seed Growing Secretly (Mark 4:26–29)The Mustard Seed and the Leaven (Matt 13:31–32; Mark 4:30–32; Luke 13:18–19)The Hidden Treasure (Matt 13:44)The Pearl of Great Price (Matt 13:45–46)The Wheat and the Weeds (Matt 13:24–30)
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Parable of the women with three measures
VThe woman who took leaven and hid it in three measures of mealBEING the first-born son in His mother’s house, it would fall to the Holy Child Jesus to perform the part laid down for the first-born son in the feast of unleavened bread. And thus it was that after Joseph had struck the lintel and the
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Parables of Jesus
Parables of JesusThe parables of Jesus constitute an entry in a book on Christian theology not only because they represent a teaching method often used by Jesus, but also because a variety of methods have been used in their interpretation in hermeneutics. They stand in contrast to direct discourse.
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Circumstantiality In The Parables
CIRCUMSTANTIALITY IN THE PARABLES.—A parable consists of two members, viz. an illustration and a didactic part, which, according to the view we hold, may be called either the interpretation or the application. Both members are necessary to make the parable complete, though the didactic part need not
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PARABLESThere is perhaps no more characteristic feature of the proclamation attributed to Jesus than that he spoke in parables, and no aspect of his teaching is more memorable and influential than these unassuming similes and vivid stories. Not surprisingly, the parables of Jesus have been the subject
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Parables of the Kingdom
Parables of the KingdomGospel scholars agree that the parables of Jesus are intimately connected to his message of the kingdom of God. However, Jesus’ offer of the kingdom differed radically from Jewish expectations at that time. Six central aspects pertaining to the kingdom of God are reflected in
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Parables of Jesus
Parables (of Jesus) The term parable is a transliteration of the Greek word parabolē, a word found in the NT throughout the Synoptic Gospels (17 times in Matthew, 13 times in Mark, and 18 times in Luke) and twice in the Book of Hebrews. The term is also found in ancient Greek rhetoric, as Aristotle (Rhetoric