The residents of Crete.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
CRETANS [KREET uhns] — inhabitants of the island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. The Book of Acts records that Cretans were among those present in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:11). Cretan lifestyle was known for its excesses. In writing to Titus, Paul quoted from the Greek poet Epimenides
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Crete.Crete kreet (Κρήτη G3207; gentilic Κρής G3205, “Cretan”). A large island in the eastern Mediterranean, SE of the Greek mainland. See Greece. Crete is 160 mi. long and 7–35 mi. wide. It is dominated by four mountain ranges, but in the eastern half there are fertile plains and upland basins
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