Creeds and confessions
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Creeds and Confessions
Creeds and Confessions Declarations of belief made by an individual or group before God and other believers.
Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
Creeds, Confessional Forms
Creeds, Confessional FormsIt has become common to distinguish between creeds, such as the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed (conventional titles that, as with the Athanasian Creed, give a misleading account of their origins), and confessions, such as the Augsburg Confession (1530), the Scots Confession
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Creeds and Confessions
Creeds and ConfessionsThe people of God have always paused at critical historical moments to summarize and declare who they are and what they most deeply believe. These high moments are remembered and passed on to succeeding generations to preserve the identity and vitality of the community.Precursors
Brief Statement of Faith
Brief Statement of Faith“A Brief Statement of Faith: Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)” is the eleventh and most recent (1991) confession in the Book of Confessions of that denomination. It developed from the reunion of the PCUS and the PCUSA (1983). The Articles of Agreement stipulated that former confessional
The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Creeds, or Confessions of Faith, may be defined as authorized formularies of Christian doctrine, generally as symbolical and official documents employed to make the doctrinal individuality of a branch or branches of the Christian Church, although the three earliest creeds, the Apostles’, the Athanasian
Dictionary of Theological Terms
Confession of Faith
Confession of Faith1. Originally and basically, a public profession of a person’s faith in Christ (1 Tim. 6:12).2. A formal statement of belief made by a number of Protestant churches at or after the Reformation.*See Westminster Standards.
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Confessions and Credos
CONFESSIONS AND CREDOS Theological statements of faith. Although individual Christians can produce such treatises, Christian groups or denominations normally produce confessions and credos. These proclamations are intended to declare the doctrinal perspective of the group on the matters addressed in
Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions
Batak Confession
Batak ConfessionKonfessi Huria Kristen Batak Protestan (The confession of the Batak Protestant Christian Church [HKBP], 1951) is the first confession of faith of this Indonesian church body. From its beginning in the nineteenth century, the Batak Church was not confessionally bound but was strongly
Confession of Faith
Confession of FaithConfessing that Jesus Christ is Lord and confessing the content of the creedal summary of biblical teaching belongs to the fundamental acts of Christians throughout history. The early church understood that God was addressing humankind with a message of salvation from sin and restoration
Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity
Creeds of Faith
CREEDS and CONFESSIONS of FAITH. There are many doctrinal formulas, local or more widespread, in the NT (e.g., Rom 1:3–4; 4:24–25; 1 Cor 8:6; 1 Tim 2:5; 3:16; 2 Tim 2:8; 1 Pet 3:18) and in early Christian literature (e.g., Ign., Eph. 18,2; Trall. 9; Smyrn. 1,1–2; Polyc., Ep. 2,1), but they cannot be
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
CREDO, ANCIENT ISRAELITE kree´doh. Gerhard von Rad proposed that the biblical authors structured the larger story of Israel’s sacred history around primal creedal formulations (credos). Chief among these recitations of the saving acts of God were Deut 6:20–24; 26:5–9; and Josh 24:1–13. These core confessions
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