Creation of humankind
Concepts, stories, or history of the creation of humankind.
Key passages
Wis 9:1–3

“God of my fathers and Lord of your mercy, who made all things by your word, and by your wisdom made humankind that it might have mastery of the creation you made and manage the world in holiness and righteousness and make judgments in uprightness of soul,

Sir 15:14

He made man from the beginning and left him in the hand of his counsel.

Sir 17:1–10

The Lord created a person from the earth, and he returned him to it again. He gave them days of a number, and time, and gave them authority over the things on it. He clothed them with strength according to themselves, and he made them according to his image. And he put …

Sir 33:10

And all humans are from the ground, and Adam was created from the earth.