Crawling and Creeping Things
Crawl • Crawling Things
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Crawling and Creeping Things
CRAWLING AND CREEPING THINGS. Generally small land animals such as rodents, reptiles, and insects, as well as water animals and flying insects.The Hebrew Bible uses two essentially synonymous roots to describe these animals: šrṣ and rmś. The noun šereṣ usually refers to any small land animal such
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Crawling Things
Crawling Things. Translation of various Hebrew words primarily referring to reptiles.See Animals (Adder; Asp; Gecko; Lizard; Serpent; Skink).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Crawling things
Crawling things [Heb. zōḥa] (Dt. 32:24; Mic. 7:17); AV SERPENTS, WORMS; NEB “creatures that crawl”; [remeś] (Hab. 1:14); AV CREEPING THINGS; NEB GLIDING CREATURES. Deuteronomy refers to poisonous snakes; Micah, to reptiles in general; Habakkuk, to water animals, excluding fish, caught in a net.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Crawling Things
CRAWLING THINGS* Translation of various Hebrew words primarily referring to reptiles. See Animals (Adder; Asp; Chameleon; Gecko; Lizard; Snake).
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
CrawlCrawling is generally a negative image, associated with uncleanness. In the OT, things that crawl along the ground are to be detested and are often associated with idolatry (Ezek 8:10). Under OT law all crawling animals are unclean to touch or eat (Lev 22:5) and things destined to crawl are considered
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Crawling Things
CRAWLING THINGS NRSV translation of Hebrew term in Mic. 7:17. The Hebrew word also appears in Deut. 32:24, 33 where it refers to poisonous snakes. See Creeping Things.
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