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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Counterfeit In 2 Tim. 3:8 Gk. adókimos is used to describe a reprobate person: “men of corrupt mind and counterfeit faith” (AV “reprobate concerning the faith”; NEB “cannot pass the tests of faith”). In Wisd. 15:9 kíbdēlos, “mixed with dross,” is rendered “counterfeits” by the RSV and NEB, “counterfeit
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COUNTERFEIT<koun’-ter-fit> ([κίβδηλος, kibdelos], [ἀνατυπόω, anatupoo], [ὁμοιόω, homoioo]): “Counterfeit” occurs as the translation of kibdelos, “mixed with dross,” “not genuine” (The Wisdom of Solomon 15:9, “to make counterfeit things,” the Revised Version (British and American) “mouldeth
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counterfeiting and forgery
counterfeiting and forgeryOn April 22, 1983, the West German magazine Stern announced the discovery of 62 volumes of diaries by Adolf Hitler, covering the period of his life from 1932 to 1945. These diaries were reportedly salvaged from an airplane crash near Dresden in April 1945. The aircraft had
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ForgeryA clandestine, market-driven industry. From the early modern period to the present, the manufacture of artifacts fobbed off as antiquities has been driven by collectors. Where there are moneyed collectors eager to acquire antiquities, there are forgers; when the money spigot is turned off and
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COUNTERFEIT, kounʹtẽr-fit (κίβδηλος, kíbdēlos, ἀνατυπόω, anatupóō, ὁμοιόω, homoióō): “C.” occurs as the tr of kibdēlos, “mixed with dross,” “not genuine” (Wisd 15:9, “to make c. things,” RV “mouldeth counterfeits,” spurious things, imitations”); 2:16 RV “base metal” (cf LXX Lev 19:19; Dt 22:11,