An agreement between two or more parties which specify responsibilities, as well as liability for failure to fulfill responsibilities.
Key passages
Tob 7:13

Then he called Adnah his wife, and taking a scroll, he wrote a contract, and they closed it with their seals.

1 Mac 13:42

And the people of Israel began to write in the documents and contracts: “In the first year for Simon, the great high priest and governor and leader of the Judeans.”

2 Mac 14:20–21

And after a thorough inspection of these matters was made and the one who was leading took counsel with the rest of his forces and equal voting concession was reached, they consented to the terms. And they appointed a day in which, in private, they would come to the same mind. And a chariot advanced …

2 Mac 14:26–27

But Alcimus, seeing their favor toward one another and taking the agreements that were made, he went to Demetrius and was telling him that Nicanor was pondering hostilities against the state, for he appointed Judas, that plotter against the kingdom, as his deputy. So …