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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Consult [Heb. dāraš]; AV also ENQUIRE, SEEK, SEEK UNTO; NEB also RESORT TO, SEEK GUIDANCE; [yā’aṣ]; AV also TAKE COUNSEL; NEB also CONFER, CONSPIRE, WHISPER;[‘āmaḏ]; AV STAND UP; [šā’al]; AV also ASK COUNSEL, ENQUIRE; NEB also MAKE INQUIRY, RESORT TO.Heb dāraš means “resort to” or “seek”;
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
CONSULT<kon-sult’> ([שָׁאַל‎, sha’al], [מָלַךְ‎, malakh], [יָעַ ץ‎, yàats] (Aramaic) [יְעַט‎, yèaT]; [συμβουλεύομαι, sumbouleuomai]):1. “To ask,” “inquire,” “seek advice.” Ezekiel speaks of the king of Babylonian consulting the teraphim (Ezekiel 21:21) and the Israelites were admonished to
CONFER; CONFERENCE<kon’-fer>, <kon’-ferens>: The equivalent of three Greek words of different shades of meaning. In Galatians 1:16, [προσανατίθημι, prosanatithemi], had been used in classical writers for resorting to oracles (Lightfoot on Galatians 2:6; Ellicott on Galatians 1:16); hence, “to
The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Cassel Colloquium
Cassel Colloquium, first took place 1534 between Bucer and Melanchthon upon instigation of Landgrave Philip. It aimed without result to unite Lutherans and Zwinglians on the Lord’s Supper. In 1661 (June 1–9) Landgrave Wm. IV. arranged a conference between the Lutheran theologians, P. Musæus and John
Chemnitz Conference
Chemnitz Conference, founded 1878 in the Saxon city of Chemnitz, where it generally meets annually, by such Saxon Lutherans as emphasize the full Lutheran Confessions as scriptural and normative for church life, and oppose the Prussian union, Lutheran separatists, the sects, and the Protestantenverein.
Colloquium. A conference of theologians for the discussion of points of difference, with a view to remove the difficulties, and to unite those who formerly disagreed. Many famous conferences of this kind occurred in the history of the Lutheran Church, such as the Marburg Colloquium of 1529, between the
Conferences (of Synods). The term Conference seems at first to have been somewhat vaguely and indiscriminately applied to meetings of the Synod itself, when assembled for the purpose of consultation with congregations and their officers, or, to the coming together of a few ministers and laymen with a
Missionary Conferences
Missionary Conferences are either meetings of the active friends of a society during its anniversary for the discussion of practical topics concerning the society’s work, or annual meetings of the chief officers of a number of societies for the discussion of general principles and specific topics of
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
consult. This English term may be used to render various Hebrew verbs, such as šāʾal H8626 (“ask”), dāraš 2011 (“seek”), and others. Many passages speak of inquiring of the Lord, though without reference to the means (e.g., Josh. 9:14; 1 Sam. 14:37; 23:2). Others show that a prophet might be the
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
CONSULT, kon-sultʹ (שָׁאַל‎, shā’al, מָלַךְ‎, mālakh, יָעַץ‎, yā‛aç יְעַט [Aram.] ye‛aṭ; συμβουλεύομαι, sumbouleúomai):(1) “To ask,” “inquire,” “seek advice.” Ezekiel speaks of the king of Bab consulting the teraphim (Ezk 21:21), and the Israelites were admonished to have nothing to do with “a consulter
Confer, Conference
CONFER, kon-fûrʹ, CONFERENCE, konʹfẽrens: The equivalent of three Gr words of different shades of meaning. In Gal 1:16, προσανατίθημι, prosanatíthēmi, had been used in classical writers for resorting to oracles (Lightfoot on Gal 2:6; Ellicott on Gal 1:16); hence, “to take counsel with,” “to consult.”