Conservation • Conservatism
Compton’s Encyclopedia
conservationConservation is the responsible stewardship of the environment to preserve natural ecosystems while insuring that balanced consideration is also given to human needs for production and recreation. People vary in their opinions on the levels of importance of the various components and on
conservatismThere is a powerful desire among people to keep things as they are as a way to assure a stable and orderly society. This desire, which is normal in all human societies, was expressed as a social and political point of view called conservatism following the French Revolution of 1789. This
Dictionary of Theological Terms
ConservativeOne whose political or theological bent is toward conserving or retaining the philosophy or creed which he has received. Thus, in the political sphere, a conservative in a communist country would be an extreme left-winger, while in a capitalist country he would be a right-winger. In theological
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
CONSERVATISM Disposition to appreciate, conserve, and foster in the present teachings and values that are rooted in the past. In the Bible, conservatism is most clearly seen in the attitude that Paul took toward faith and Scripture. Paul recognized that he was heir to a body of sacred writings and traditions