Conrad Grebel
b. 1498 – d. 1526 • Religious group founder
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Grebel, Conrad
Grebel, Conrad (ca. 1498–1526). Radical Swiss reformer, known as the father of Anabaptism, and originally a follower of ⇒Zwingli. Before the City Council of Zurich, he proposed changes in ecclesiastical practices, such as worship and Communion, that were much more radical than Zwingli’s. Like other Reformers,
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Grebel, Conrad
Grebel, Conrad (c. 1498–1526). Leader of the Swiss Brethren, an early group of *Anabaptists that arose in Zurich in the 1520s, Grebel was from a prominent local family. Educated in a humanist tradition at Vienna, Basel and Paris, and an early follower of *Zwingli, Grebel joined a group of men who advocated
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Grebel, Conrad
Grebel, Conrad (ca. 1498–1526). The organizer of the first Free Church congregation. He was born in Zurich, a solidly Roman Catholic locale at that time. Apparently, young Grebel studied at the Latin school called the Carolina from his eighth to sixteenth years. He attended the University of Basel in
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Grebel, Conrad
Grebel, Conrad (1498–1526)A founder of the Swiss radical reformers known as AnabaptistsGrebel enjoyed a good education that took him to Basel, Vienna, and Paris and brought him into touch with renaissance influences. Back in Zurich he welcomed the coming of Zwingli as the people’s pastor at the Great