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Commemoration. Acc. to traditional W. liturgical custom, when two feasts fell on the same date, that of lesser rank was commonly only ‘commemorated’. This was done, e.g. at Mass, by its *collect, *secret, and *postcommunion being read after the corresponding prayers of the feast of greater rank which
The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Departed, Commemoration of
Departed, Commemoration of. Totenfest. In the Roman Church, All Souls’ Day, Nov. 2, in the Greek Church the Saturday before Pentecost, or the last Sunday of the Greek Church Year, in the Moravian Church Easter morning, is kept in memory of those who have departed this life during the year. In 1816 the
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Commemoration in Liturgy
Commemoration in Liturgy.—The mention which the Church makes of a saint, whose proper office cannot be celebrated, because there is a more important feast on that day. The commemoration consists of a Collect, Secret, and Post-Communion, at Mass, and in an Antiphon, verse, and oration, at Lauds and Vespers.