b. AD 543 – d. November 21, AD 615 • Evangelist • Missionary • Scholar
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Columbanus, St
Columbanus, St (d. 615), abbot and missionary. An Irishman and monk of the community of St *Comgall in *Bangor, c. 590 Columbanus left Ireland on perpetual pilgrimage and sailed to Gaul. Here he set up monasteries with strict rules at Annegray and *Luxeuil, in the Vosges. His religious fervour and his
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Columbanus, St.
Columbanus, St. (d. 615). This *Celtic missionary left Ireland to preach in Gaul (modern France) and established at least two monasteries before conflicts with Roman Catholic bishops and his criticism of the king’s marital peccadilloes led to his exile. After ministering in Switzerland, he founded a
St. Colum Cille
Columba, St. (Colum Cille) (c. 521–597). A *Celtic missionary known as “the dove of the church,” Columba, of Irish nobility, left his homeland in 563 and founded the monastery of Iona on the western coast of Scotland. From that beachhead, Columba evangelized both the Picts and the Scots in the Highlands.
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MissionariesColumbanusIrish missionary to Europe“Away, O youth, away! Flee from corruption, into which, as you know, many have fallen.”—an abbess’s well-heeded advice to ColumbanusThe handsome and hot-headed Columbanus was one of Western Europe’s most successful evangelists ever.According
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COLUMBANUS (1) Abbat of Luxeuil and Bobbio, Nov. 21. On this day, in the Mart. Doneg. (by Todd and Reeves, 315), is the entry “Columban, abbat, who was in Italy.” Thus simply does the Irish calendar refer to an Irishman whose name is celebrated in France, Switzerland, and Italy, the great champion of
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COLUMBANUS (ca. 543–615). Irish saint, *abbot of Luxeuil and Bobbio. After an adolescence of study, Columbanus entered monastic life and left his native Leinster to enter the school of a vir venerabilis named Sinell. He then embraced the *cenobitic life in the *monastery of Bangor, which he left at ca.
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Columbanus (c. 543–615)Irish scholar; missionary to western EuropeBorn into a Christian home in Leinster (east Ireland), Columbanus studied for some years under the Irish monk and educator Comgall in his famous monastic institution at Bangor. Columbanus wrote religious verse, became proficient in Hebrew