Clément Marot
b. November 23, 1497 – d. September 12, 1544 • Poet
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Marot, Clément
Marot, Clément (c. 1497–1544), French poet and translator. Some controversy surrounds his exact religious affiliations, but his association with the circle of Marguerite de Navarre would clearly ally him with évangélisme, a biblical and humanist, though in other respects essentially orthodox, tendency.
Encyclopedia of the Reformed Faith
Marot, Clément
Marot, Clément (c. 1497–1544)French ballad singer, writer, and editor born in Cahors, France. Marot was educated there and in Paris. After a conversion experience, he spent his energy metering the Psalms for singing. His Aulcunes pseaulmes et cantiques mys en chant (Strassburg, 1539) was carried to
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Marot, Clément
Marot, Clément (1497–1544)Outstanding poet at the court of Francis I of FranceBorn in Cahors, Marot began writing poetry at about age twenty and became court poet to Margaret, queen of Navarre, whose Protestantism influenced him. His style exerted a great influence on the future of French poetry. It