Claudio Monteverdi
b. May 15, 1567 – d. November 29, 1643 • Composer • Musician • Roman catholic
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Monteverdi, Claudio
Monteverdi, Claudio(1567–1643). One of the most significant composers in the transition from the Renaissance to the baroque era, Claudio Monteverdi was both a pioneer and a preservationist. He contributed much to the development of what was then a new form—opera—and successfully combined the old polyphony
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Monteverdi, Claudio
Monteverdi, Claudio (1567–1643)Noted Italian composer of the early Baroque eraBorn in Cremona, Italy, Monteverdi served at the court of Mantua for twenty-one years, functioning as a singer and violinist, then as music director. It was for this court that Monteverdi created opera’s earliest masterpiece,