Citron tree
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Thyine. kjv translation for “scented wood” in Revelation 18:12. Thyine was a dark-colored, fragrant, and valuable wood used for making furniture.See Plants (Citron Tree).
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
THYINE* kjv translation for “scented wood” in Revelation 18:12. Thyine was a dark-colored, fragrant, and valuable wood used for making furniture. See Plants (Citron Tree).
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Scented Wood
Scented Wood (Gk. xýlon thýinon). Fragrant wood from trees of genus Callitris (cypress pines), most often sandarac, imported from Africa to ancient Rome and used in making furniture (Rev. 18:12; KJV “thyine wood”).
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Thyine wood
Thyine wood occurs in Rev. 18:12, where the margin has “sweet” (wood). There can be little doubt that the wood here spoken of is that of the Thuya articulata, Desfont., the Callitris quadrivalvis of present botanists. It is a cone-bearing tree and allied to the pine. This tree was much prized by the
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Citron Wood
CITRON WOOD. A prized ornamental fragrant wood of the cypress family enumerated as a luxury product of Babylon (Rev. 18:12, NASB; “thyine wood,” KJV). See Vegetable Kingdom.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Thyine wood
Thyine woodmentioned only in Rev. 18:12 among the articles which would cease to be purchased when Babylon fell. It was called citrus, citron wood, by the Romans. It was the Callitris quadrivalvis of botanists, of the cone-bearing order of trees, and of the cypress tribe of this order. The name of this
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Thyinethyine (thīn), wood from the citron tree valued for its pleasant scent (Rev. 18:12).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
THYINE, WOOD<thi’-in> ([ξύλον θύϊνον, xulon thuinon]): An aromatic wood described as sold in “Babylon” (Rev 18:12, the King James Version margin “sweet wood”). It is the wood of the thya ([θυΐα, thuia]) tree, probably identical with Thuia articulata an evergreen tree growing in North Africa,
Compton’s Encyclopedia
citronThe citron is a small evergreen tree or shrub in the family Rutaceae that produces a fragrant, oblong, nonjuicy citrus fruit. The citron’s scientific name is Citrus medica.The citron grows in Mediterranean countries and in the West Indies. The tree reaches heights of about 11.5 feet (3.5 meters)
sandalwoodThe sweet-scented, fine-grained sandalwood is an evergreen tree or shrub. It grows throughout southeastern Asia and the islands of the South Pacific. The plant and its roots contain a yellow aromatic oil called sandalwood oil. Because its odor persists for years, the white sapwood is prized
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Sandalwood. A corruption of Santalwood, a plant of the genus San′talum and natural order Santala′ceæ.
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Thyʹine-wood, an odoriferous wood of the cypress family, greatly prized by the ancient Greeks and Romans (Rev. 18:12). It is a native of North Africa, and grows to the height of fifteen to twenty-five feet.