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Offices in the New Testament
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Lay Representation
Lay Representation. The distinction between laity and ministers is simply that of the non-official and the official members of the Church. Pastors or ministers are those whom the Church has chosen to be its official teachers and administrators in spiritual things. The ministerial office is first of all
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Offices, Church
offices, church. Leadership positions in the church elected by local congregations. Originally, John *Calvin delineated four distinct offices: pastors, who preach and administer *sacraments; teachers, who instruct the church in matters of *doctrine; elders, who govern local congregations; and deacons,
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Ruling Elder
Ruling ElderIn a Presbyterian church, a member of the session* who is ordained to exercise spiritual oversight in the church but who is not a teaching elder (meaning an ordained minister* of the gospel).See Elder; Presbyterianism.
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Offices in the New Testament
OFFICES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT Although technical terms for “office” have been avoided in the NT, the concept of office is present. Formal characteristics in the NT associated with what we now call offices include permanency, recognition by others (possibly by a title), authority, payment, and appointment
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