Christ as King
Kingly office of Christ
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Kingly office of Christ
Kingly office of Christone of the three special relations in which Christ stands to his people. Christ’s office as mediator comprehends three different functions, viz., those of a prophet, priest, and king. These are not three distinct offices, but three functions of the one office of mediator.Christ
Dictionary of Theological Terms
Kingly Office of Christ
Kingly Office of ChristAs mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ performs three functions: those of prophet, priest, and king (see Priestly Office of Christ; Prophetic Office of Christ). The Shorter Catechism (Q. 26) defines the kingly office of Christ as follows: “Christ executeth the office of a King, in
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
King, Christ As
KING, CHRIST AS Biblical teaching that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled the OT promises of a perfect King and reigns over His people and the universe. The OT hope for the future included a vision of a new king like David, called “the anointed one,” or “the Messiah” in Hebrew (2 Sam. 7:16; 22:51). The Prophet