Christ and Abgar
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Christ and Abgar, Letters of
Christ and Abgar, Letters of A noncanonical, pseudonymous correspondence between Jesus and a Syrian monarch. This work was not widely authoritative in the early church period, is not extant in any ancient Bible, and was declared apocryphal (i.e., “not accepted”) by the Gelasian Decree.
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Christ and Abgar
Christ and AbgarOne of the more intriguing legends of the early Church involving King Abgar of Edessa’s correspondence with Jesus as recorded by Eusebius and the Teachings of Addai. Abgar tells Jesus that he had heard of his miraculous cures, and had concluded that Jesus must be either God or the Son
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Christ and Abgar
Christ and Abgar [ăbˊgər] (Gk. Abgarus).† New Testament apocryphal epistles, purportedly representing the correspondence between Abgar V (A.D. 9–46), king of Uchama and Edessa, and Christ. The king had heard of Jesus’ miraculous abilities and invites the Master to heal him of a serious ailment in