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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Choose; Chosen
Choose; Chosen [Heb. bāḥar, qāḇal, bārā’, bārâ; Gk. eklégō, hairéō].
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
CHOOSE; CHOSEN<chooz>, <cho’-z’-n> (בָּחַר‎ [bachar], קָבַל‎ [qabhal], בָּרָא‎ [bara’], בָּרָה‎ [barah]; [ἐκλέγω, ek-lego]):The words denote an act of comparison of two or more objects or persons, the preference and selection of one, or of a few out of a larger number for a certain purpose, function,
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Choose, Chosen
CHOOSE, cho̅o̅z, CHOSEN, chōʹz’n (בָּחַר‎, bāḥar, קָבַל‎, ḳābhal, בָּרָא‎, bārā’, בָּרָה‎, bārāh; ἐκλέγω, ek-légō): I. In the OT1. Human Choice2. God Chooses King of Israel3. God Chooses Jerusalem4. Election of Israel5. Jehovah’s Grace (1) An Act of Sovereignty (2) For Mankind’s Sake
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