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The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Charm; Charmer
Charm; Charmer [Heb. lāḥaš (Ps. 58:5; Eccl. 10:11a; Isa. 3:3; Jer. 8:17), hāḇar ḥeḇer (Dt. 18:11), ba‘al lāšôn (Eccl. 10:11b), kešep̱ (Neh. 3:4)]; AV also ENCHANTMENT (Eccl. 10:11a), BABBLER (v 11b), ORATOR (Isa. 3:3), WITCHCRAFT (Nah. 3:4); NEB also “one who casts spells” (Dt. 18:11), ENCHANTER
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Charmer (from Lat. carmen “song”).† One who chants to achieve a desired effect, either beneficial or harmful, or to ward off evils or evil spirits. See Exorcism.In the Old Testament the charmer is portrayed as calming a poisonous snake (Ps. 58:5; Heb. melaḥašîm par. “enchanter”; JB “magician”),
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Charmerone who practises serpent-charming (Ps. 58:5; Jer. 8:17; Eccl. 10:11). It was an early and universal opinion that the most venomous reptiles could be made harmless by certain charms or by sweet sounds. It is well known that there are jugglers in India and in other Eastern lands who practise this
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